Job Description :
Unix Administrator

· Performs server administration functions, including configuring, repairing, maintaining operating systems. · Develops and evolves UNIX system provisioning and configuration management tools, automation and scripting.
· Collaborates with Infrastructure Operations team members Level I/II to provide III troubleshooting in support of technical solutions
· Develops and maintains IT liaison relationship with functional departments and key users.
· Provides detailed documentation and procedures for all solutions, including detailed PRB/RCAs.
· Identifies and explores new technologies for advancing the infrastructure to improve performance, reliability and availability, specific focus on virtualization and cloud.
· Leads small-to-medium projects efficiently, on time and within budget, using appropriate resources of time, funds and person.
· Systems administration experience with UNIX Operating Systems (Various flavors of Linux as well as legacy SUN/Solaris
· Experience with UNIX & Windows interoperability.
· Experience supporting UNIX/Linux systems in a heterogeneous networked environment.
· Strong UNIX shell scripting and/or programming ability.