Job Description :
Title: UI/UX Designer - Java, Node.js, React
Location: Austin, TX
Type: Contract
We are seeking a Java UI/UX developer for a contract position with experience using Node.js and react developing applications on Serverless Amazon AWS.

The candidate should possesses the following skills:
Work with emerging technologies like Blockchain, IoT, and Data Virtualization
Bring innovative Next-Gen tech products to market for Enterprise clients
Employ conceptual thinking to create world-class digital products and services across platforms, synthesizing user needs, business goals, and technical solutions
Java / JavaScript
InVision and the Adobe suite
Lead multi-day design sprints and collaborative workshops with multiple participants across project and client teams.
Passionate about Customer Journey Maps, User Personas, Rapid Prototyping, Paper Prototyping, Visual Design, and Wireframes.
5+ years of designing applications, experiences, websites, products, and services
Experience with the following: Adobe Suite, UXPin, Invision, Trello, and Sketch