Job Description :
Job Title: Senior UI Developer
Job Location: NY
Project Duration: 6 months

Interview Preference - Telephonic & Skype

Mandatory Skills: React.js, Redux, HTML5, Javascript,

Desired Skills: Agile-Scrum, Node.js, Ajax, CSS3

Detailed Job Description:
Strong hands-on background on UI frameworks like ReactJS, Redux, ES6 JavaScript, CSS/CSS3, CSS Pre-processors, Webpack, NodeJS, core JavaScript, development of reusable & performance efficient UI components using JavaScript.
- Strong hands-on & conceptual background of basic UI skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, Asynchronous communication with backend layers.
- Background on working on web development projects or portals including above skills.
- Understanding of JS frameworks like NodeJS and all its internal features & aspects.
- Good hands-on background on advanced CSS specific tools like pre-processors (LESS, SASS)
- Strong knowledge about RWD (Responsive web design) concepts, ways to achieve RWD in both web as well as native development scenarios.
- Hands-on working background (or adaptability to work on), on various latest & advanced UI frameworks, (like ReactJS, Redux as mentioned above), & relevant knowledge of associated tools like Webpack bundler, Nodejs, Redux-Thunk, Flux, uni-directional data flow, As-synchronous API calling (using Axios for example) & communication with middleware & backend layers using above front end JS frameworks, knowledge of unit testing frameworks like Jasmin/Mocha/Karma, ESlinting techniques, i18, loadash, development background on re-usable UI components using all these above mentioned tools.
- Strong hands-on knowledge about source controls systems like GIT, and build tools like Teamcity/Jenkins & other tools like JIRA, HP ALM.
- Adaptability to work on advanced native development frameworks like ReactNative.
- Adaptability to work on other native development frameworks like Android/iOS in both web or hybrid and native development scenarios.
- Strong background or exposure of interaction with UX team to get understanding about templates/wireframes & overall layout to be translated into corresponding UI.

Secondary skills: (Preferable)
- Strong exposure to closely work with middleware team, to analyze APIs that provide data to front end layer. (JSON format), consuming API provided data & monitor any errors & exceptions for handling the same on front end level.
- Background on frameworks like D3.js, JQuery, EmberJS, TypeScript etc. is preferable or would be advantageous on the top of above primary skills.
- Exposure of working on native mobile app development using android, iOS, windows 8 for mobile, frameworks will be advantageous.
- Background on working on project that run on Agile mode.
- Strong communication skills to interact effectively will all stakeholders of the project.