Job Description :
UI Developer

This job will have the following responsibilities:

Strong leadership skills required.
Strong organizational and technical skills.
Ability to adapt to changing product requirements and manage deadlines.
Designs and develops scripts, applications, and automation required for large scale infrastructure management, automation, and monitoring.
Support incident management for operational issues including availability for support after hours.
Identify opportunities for system enhancements that will deliver enhanced functionality and/or simplify system administration.
Work closely with BA/QA team members to ensure that issues are properly identified, fixed, and tested.
Comfortable giving demonstrations of technical products and systems.
Qualifications & Requirements:
Experience with Git or other source code repository.
Strong proven JavaScript skills in large scale application
Extensive experience with React and Node in a high use production environment
Experience with React Native, Redux, ES6+
Strong understanding of fetching data and updating the UI accordingly
Understanding of sync and async events and how to manage both inside React lifecycle
Ability to create reusable custom application components from scratch, both styling and JavaScript implementation
Strong experience with semantic markup
Ability to work in a collaborative environment and coach other team members on coding practices, design principles, and implementation patterns.
Exposure to distributed, large-scale back-end design and implementation.
Experience with consuming APIs.
Experience with PostgreSQL.