Job Description :
Address: WORK 100% REMOTE

Duration: 6 months

Required Skills:
Angular 4 or better…prefer Angular 5 or 7

NEW Application:
3 parts: API, Data loading, and UI reporting

They started coding API to get customer data in our system
Data Loading Model- load into applications ( internal and customers)
UI -customers can log in and view their data.

Need a UI Eng to build the website aspects, coding in Angular 7, back end is Java, so someone with high level Angular and assist with Java would be great

Data is stored in AWS tables, so any AWS is a big plus.

Team is all over remote, she is in Maine.
Meetings are 9:30 EST so needs to be able to do phone calls at that time.
They will provide a laptop.
Use Jira as a PM software
2 week sprints
Stories fully loaded and tested in 2 weeks
Wants to hire ASAP

Regarding Angular, she is open to versions 4 or higher since version 7 is new.

Creating screens and components

Documentation skills are important since they are a small dev team, (7 FT and 9 CT How they set up environment, troubleshoot, how to doc for future developers.

Healthcare background is a plus, not required/ If financial or transactional type that would be huge.
They use Spring and JSON on her team.
This app will be claim data which will go to insurance companies to give advice on how they can do a better job when submitting claims.