Job Description :
lOCATION: San Jose, CA


Extensive experience building apps with AngularJS.
Experience developing large-scale single-page apps using front-end Angular or Angular2
Experience with build tools such as: Grunt, SASS, Browserify, RequireJS
Plusses: Experience with other MVC frameworks such as Backbone, Ember, React.

Understand the new properties introduced in CSS3
Understand CSS directives such as @import, @media, @font-face
Experience with CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Sass.
Understand Responsive Web Design
Experience with proper structuring of CSS using techniques such as SMACSS, OOCSS or BEM

Understand the difference between Html 4.0 and Html 5.0

UI Engineering
Understand the concept of Event Loops, Single-threaded execution
Understand the concept of UI Virtualization
Understand the technical details of how UI is rendered on-screen.
Know the difference between Immediate-mode and Retained-mode of rendering
Experience handling performance issues with rendering

Experience in developing websites from sketches to wire-frames to high-fidelity mockups
ServiceNow platform experience for Service Portal, CMS, Widget Instance and agile methodology
Building well-structured UI components that follow best practices
Troubleshooting Service Portal related performance issues
Demonstrated ability to influence and consult (providing options with pros, cons and risks) around all key technical decisions during project delivery
Proven experience as a key technical resource leading the development of solutions in Enterprise environments
Working knowledge of Design Patterns
Working knowledge of Object-Oriented and/or Functional Programming