Job Description :
UCCE experience in scripting space. Are in process from cisco ccx to ucce. Experience from a conversion perspective, would consider hiring perm. No salary yet for conversion, so submit with hourly and expected salary.
Onsite. 1200 acd agents, migrating the customers. Potential night/weekend and will adjust schedule accordingly.
Contract for 6 months and potential to convert
Work with senior engineers and will help design and make recommendations. Scripting, cut overs,
Any copy and paste from one company to the next. Must be original data in each company. Detail on the day-to-day life of the UCCE project that they have worked on, go more in depth on the operational side. Did they help stand up a project? Or a contractor in the support side. Show the part of the project that you participated in.
We are in need of a UCCE Engineer.

The role will assist with planning, implementation and operationalization of UCCE, a new ACD platform for the OSUWMC.
The role will provide insight and guidance in the planning stages of the UCCE ACD platform. They will be actively participating in all project planning and project meetings. They will assist with the migration of all working CCX ACD groups to the new UCCE platform. Will be responsible for assisting with the operationalization of the UCCE and working side by side with current OSUWMC ACD engineers. The candidate will collaborate with managers, supervisors and individual ACD agents during the transition from CCX to UCCE.