Job Description :
Cont vara @ softprosinc .com

Tuxedo Developer
Location: Manassas, VA
Start Date: 10-JUL-16 - 1-week assignment (Ideal for someone rolling off a role or someone who can take a week’s holidays to do the work)
Location: Manassas, VA
Provide technical assistance for Tuxedo environment as follows:
A. Assist with review of Tuxedo Configurations and provide recommendations.
B. Provide recommendations for performance testing and tuning.
C. Provide Engagement summary report with findings and recommendations for above
D. Assist with a review of OS, Kernel Parameters and provide recommendations
E. Assist with a review of compile and link options used to build 64-bit application migrated from 32-bit
F. Assist with a review of inter-domain security and provide recommendations