Job Description :
Description :

Position is part Technical Lead and part Project Manager for a new equipment rollout at approximately 25-30 sites. Candidate should be familiar with Cisco equipment, general networking, WAN routers, and VPNs. CCNP-level expertise or equivalent knowledge desired. Specific certifications are not a hard requirement. Candidate needs to have strong organizational skills and experience with rollouts across multiple geographic regions world-wide. Need someone who is comfortable working as part of a larger team in a collaborative environment. Experience with the assessment of applications and their performance in a WAN environment is preferred.
Hours may vary, depending upon location of the sites being deployed at a given time. Candidate needs to be open to a flexible work schedule. Candidate should reside somewhere in the US or Canada and be English speaking. Travel is not anticipated, but if required would be covered by the end customer.
Contract is for a 6-month duration, with the possibility of up to 3 additional months.

Work alongside other project managers and technical personnel as part of a team
Ensure sites within overall project are ready for equipment installation.
Lead onsite resources to perform pre-install and post-install testing of network and business applications prior to handoff to the end customer operations.
Coordinate access to end customer offices for installations or survey work
Monitor network and business applications (such as email or other application that requires internet access) and determine if performance issues exist after installation.
Work with the defined team to bring resolution to any problems discovered during rollout. Candidate would need to identify issues and determine the right resources that will need to be engaged to remedy problems.
Understand the services and applications being used at each site and impact to other sites (exact services list to be developed by the overall team)
Go through a checklist of services and applications used at each site to ensure deliverables are met
Become knowledgeable, over the course of the contract, of the end customer''s current network and understand their future direction
Work to be performed remotely. Candidate does not need to travel.

Determine approach - migration (preferred) or a hot cutover. Inputs required from circuit vendor as well as device & interface availability below.
Confirm Validus device (router, switch or firewall) the circuit will connect to.
Confirm Interface is available and procure as required.
Identify IP addressing and routing changes required
identify any monitoring and management system changes reqd i.e. Solarwinds, Symantec Client etc
identify dates for initial implementation and migration - will require input from office manager and possibly business
Confirm who local Validus smarthands will be for both initial implementation & migration - organize travel as necessary.

Create CLI & firewall changes required to enable circuit for initial implementation
Create CLI & firewall changes required to enable circuit for migration
Raise changes for initial implementation and migration

Initial implementation (vendor test & turn up)
ensure Validus smarthands resource is onsite
ensure all Validus and vendor technical resources are in communication (usually conf bridge) for period of test and turn up
connect circuit as per design and configure as per ''initial implementation'' steps
Verify appropriate security settings are in place.
Carry out initial implementation security vulnerability scan (where possible) and perform remediation as necessary

Testing & Verification
confirm circuit is operational can carry traffic as appropriate (Internet, Corp or both)
perform load testing on circuit
(under migration approach) configure routing and monitoring systems to monitor circuit in non prod mode for a min of 24 hours
Add circuit to monitoring systems (where possible)

Ensure office/business are ready and prepared for change
Carry out pre change service verification checks (both back end and from user perspective) – corp access to key systems, Internet etc
ensure all Validus and vendor technical resources are in communication (usually conf bridge) for period of test and turn up
Migrate service(s) to new circuit as per design and configure as per ''migration'' steps
Carry out post change service verification checks (both back end and from user perspective) – corp access to key systems, Internet etc
Carry out post change security vulnerability scan and perform remediation as necessary
Update monitoring and management systems and verify operation

Monitor circuit operation and performance in ''heightened monitoring mode'' for 7 days – twice to three daily checks & sensitive alerting.
Liaise with office manager / business stakeholders daily (for 7 days) to ensure new circuit is operating optimally

decommission old circuit incl equipment disposal
update site and global network documentation

If you are qualified, available, interested, planning to make a change, or know of a friend who might have the required qualifications and interest, please call me ASAP at, even if we have spoken recently about a different position. If you do respond via e-mail please include a daytime phone number so I can reach you. In considering candidates, time is of the essence, so please respond ASAP. Thank you.

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