Job Description :
Third Shift Lab Admin
12+ months
Eden Prairie, MN

8Work Environment: After a 2-week training period, this will be a 3rd shift position.
Selling Points: No engineering degree required. No work Dec. 24-28 (office shut down

Project Overview:
Currently Dell EMC Minnesota Design Center has a large quantity of hardware/storage resources. A number of these resource are used by off-site engineers, in particular China and India. This requires a lab admin to rack/configure/cable/document/monitor/maintain this hardware. With the time difference, a 3rd shift lab admin is needed.

Day to Day Activities
Rack and Cable: Work to rack new and existing storage systems and servers, cable the newly-installed hardware for power, communications, console access, storage protocols (FiberChannel, iSCSI, SAS
Configure and Document: Configure all components of storage rig: storage system, front-end server VMs, fiber channel zoning, IP address allocation, DNS, test database updates. Add new storage rigs as needed. Update applicable documentation.
Monitor and Maintain. Help uses acquire and access equipment to support their work. Recover systems and servers which are left in unusable state. Apply OS updates, updated tools, and run virus scans. Update documentation as configurations change.
Reporting and Planning: Identify gaps in hardware that could require changed configurations or additional hardware.

Must Haves
2-3 years of experience as a lab admin.
IT experience is a plus.