Job Description :
Test Analyst/Architect
Participate in requirements gathering discussions and UAT definition sessions
Provide feedback on requirements and design documents
Participate in test strategy and test plan reviews and provide feedback
Develop and maintain business process catalog
Create detailed LOE for project SQA test activities
Develop end-to-end test scenarios
Schedule joint-planning sessions with UAT to Review high level end-to-end test scenarios
Address requirement issues with the cross-functional teams
Work with the business, technology, and operations to determine priorities and schedule of releases
Develop (or update) Requirements Tractability Matrix (RTM
Participate in post project review and lessons learned
Assist with system reviews during any or all of these phases: feasibility, design, programming, testing and conversion phases
Map high level test cases to business requirements and create requirements traceability matrix
Create IST, E2E master and performance test plan
Subject matter lead on suite of applications - interacts with AT&T subject matter experts to develop expertise
Participate in development/PM requirement and design walkthroughs in order to create high level test cases
Lead high-level scenario walkthroughs
Manage defect turnaround/service level agreements with development teams and project management offices
Identify entry and exit criteria for test phases
Facilitate and lead test design sessions between 2 or more teams, AT&T vendors/partners, cross towers
Facilitate project test integration across the organization both technically and functionally
Identify and resolve escalated testing issues, risks and problems that impact the successful progression of a project
Serve as a point of contact with other organizations to identify and resolve project/testing issues
Create/maintain testing tasks and activities within the test teams at a release level
Liaison with PMO (ETE) and participates in key PMO meetings
Manage the actual to budgets for project responsibility
Maintain risks/mitigation plans and jeopardies
Communicate program status
Strong knowledge of up to date design tools and methodologies such as Object oriented design, data modeling, model driven architecture, cloud computing, and model-based testing
Experience in concepts, rules, events, channels and deployment Topology and design patterns such as SOA
Strong strategic planning skills and relationship management
Experience with testing Web Services technologies using standards including XML, WSDL, SOAP, Java Message Service
In-depth planning and implementation experience
Good risk management skills
Business knowledge and experience with software development life cycle
Minimum 1 year technical writing experience
Minimum 2 year test planning and execution experience
Strong problem solving, negotiation and issue resolution skills
Strong communication skills and follow through skills to communicate clearly and effectively with technical, non-technical, and leadership resources for high-visibility projects
Knowledge of research management
Infrastructure SDLC management
Resource management and vendor engagement skills
Experience with simulation and virtualization (ITKO, ICD), parallel test execution (Cloud/Hudson), Service Path Signature Capture (SPM/M2E), Production traffic playback for M2E (SimonSays), Model Driven testing (ITE)
Knowledge of T Process
Experience with application functionality, data flows and interfacing applications
Experience with XPDL, CVS, XSD