Job Description :
Position; Teradata Performance Engineer
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Duration : Full time

Teradata Performance Engineer

Monitor, review code, assist development teams in designing using Teradata best practices, analyze the Data Warehouse activity, mix of queries/jobs, query/job priority, etc., to optimize performance of the Apple EDW.

Teradata - Utilities, SQL, Stored Procedures

Responsibilities are as follows
Work assigned Performance incidents as directed by Apple Manager
Identify performance issues and make recommendations for resolution
Analyze and enhance Apple identified poorly performing objects
Generate reports to identify performance improvement opportunities
Verify performance metrics in the UAT environment before deploying code fixes
Tune the dimensional model as agreed by utilizing table-level partitions and/or dynamic partitions to gain application CPU savings in Deposit application.
Tune ETL and BI processes with right parameter values for sessions and block size resulted in fixing the AMP Worker Task (AWT) saturation issue during the batch window.
Rework Teradata utility jobs to optimize processing and minimize system utilization
Leverage database constructs like indexes, multi-value compression, data skew, spool utilization, etc. to optimize processes at the database level
Review Code and work with Apple development teams as part of a review process
Learn and manage team’s activities with Apple workflow related tools (Espresso, CentralStation)
Provide on call support (24x7) at all times for the area that will be handled
Additional responsibilities
Utilize customer''s change management application to manage all changes to the Teradata environment.
Communicate plans, and incident status to appropriate groups as established in the operations manual
Ensure change requests are appropriately logged and reviewed with regard to affected users, work effort, implementation plan, estimated duration and back out plan for changes initiated by DBA Operations. Assure appropriate resources are available.
Participate in weekly change control meetings
Maintain site log to record changes and events related to Data Warehouse Infrastructure
Update the Operations Manual to reflect changes made to DBA scripts or procedures in this service
Alert team members regarding corrective actions required due to performance and/or capacity utilization issues. Alert/escalation process to be documented in Operations Manual
Participate in customer''s specialty team meetings (performance)

Client : TCS