Job Description :
36 months’ experience working with communication teams and writing and publishing web site content, with a focus on user experience, ease of use and readability.

24 months’ experience conducting stakeholder interviews to determine web site goals, writing styles and strategic direction.

24 months’ experience collaborating across program area teams to create, organize and rewrite of web site content in a consistent end-to-end experience.

36 months’ experience developing content strategy deliverables such as web site content inventories and audits, determining needed content, content needing review, and content outside of agency strategic direction.

36 months’ experience working with agencies on identifying web site functionality needs and short falls, using tools to develop and recommend web site menu structures, providing web site organization and content structures, recommended plans/processes for implementing and publishing web site content, and proving conceptual architecture for web site pages.

36 months working with communications offices in leading a content strategy team that manages day-to-day delivery of web site content and communications.