Job Description :
Job Description:
Researches, analyses, designs, develops, writes, edits, and publishes documentation for Technical applications, products, training and services.
Specific to the NCSD Wireless Access Business.
Should possess facility with technology, ability to write clearly, talent in showing ideas graphically, patience in problem solving/troubleshooting and ability to interact with SME.
Will also have experience in coordinating entire projects and managing workflow and teams.

Bachelor''s degree desired : English, Technical communications, software engineering, or electric engineering

Required skills:
Two to three years of XML editing experience with knowledge of DITA preferred.
Two to three years of topic-based writing in a collaborative authoring environment using shared objects and a content repository system to create deliverables in several output formats such as HTML, online help, and PDF.
One to two years of software documentation skills, with experience documenting the elements of a graphical user interface (GUI
Comfortable with software development environment concepts such as programming languages, GUIs, programming tools, and scripting.

A working knowledge of and daily experience with the following tools:
o XMetaL, SDL Publication Manager, SDL Knowledge Center, Adobe Acrobat Professional.
Experience reading and writing API documentation.
Experience with networking concepts and protocols.
Semiconductor industry experience.
Basic scripting skills.
Linux/Unix familiarity.