Job Description :
Role-Technical Writer
Minimum requirements:
7 years of experience in composing, compiling, organizing, researching, writing, editing, producing and maintaining technical documents, manuals, system physical and logical to
pologies, special reports, software users manuals, procedural guides,
administration guides, installation and configuration guides, and release notes;
7 years of experience providing broad expertise on technical concepts of applications and user groups, and structure procedures in a logical sequence;
7 years of experience confidently interviewing subject matter experts to gather content; ability to confer with staff in the development of formats, graphics, and the layout of publications;
7 years of experience understanding and translating the user’s view of applications and technology to put procedures in a logical sequence; ability to develop and maintain user technical documentation and project process documentation;
7 years of experience developing, enhancing, and maintaining user documentation for multiple applications including documentation required for the operations provider;
7 years of experience with extensive skill in effective verbal and written communications, ability to interview computer professionals and subject matter experts to get information necessary for the creation of technical documents
7 years of experience working with technical staff to ensure technical reviews of documents are conducted properly and timely. Plans and finalizes production of documentation, including formatting, for final delivery. Ensures deliverables are
suitable for reproduction and web publishing.