Job Description :
Hi All,

Role: Technical Project Manager
Location: NYC/Brooklyn
Client: Prime Vendor/ New York City Fire Department (FDNY)
Duration: 6 Months
Visa: USC/GC/H1B

The Senior Technical Project Manager shall be responsible for maintaining control over the work duties, schedule and performance of the Contractor project team. Such services shall include but not
be limited to the following:

Incident escalation.
Monitor ongoing activities of the TSC (including, but not limited to, the tracking of aging of tickets, same day closure, and other statistics
Interface with FDNY personnel and high priority users/situations on an ad-hoc basis for monitoring client satisfaction.
Maintain and improve Service Levels.
Interface with BTDS management on day to day operations and long-term strategy.
Magic SDE administration (including, but not limited to, user and group administration, troubleshooting of problems and business rule development
Period and ad hoc reporting through Crystal Reports.
Weekly analysis of TSC performance and events.
Develop processes and periodically update documentation of TSC operations.
Develop and distribute user satisfaction surveys.
Introduce new methods for increased productivity and decreased costs by using new business processes, tools, and applications.
Maintain library of common fixes of FDNY problems (including, but not limited to distributing notifications and publications to appropriate personnel, and add to knowledge base
Work with FDNY in assuring that the TSC is kept current with new hardware and software (including, but not limited to, FDNY applications