Job Description :

Job Title : Technical Project Manager
Location : Atlanta GA
Duration : Long Term
Description :

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division is looking for a Technical Project Manager to join our team! Candidate must possess creative problem solver skills, be a great communicator, have experience in web development, access databases, networks, applications and enjoy collaboration.

As Technical Project Manager, you will be responsible for leading and managing an Agricultural Permitting Application IT project across the Agency with an online web application. In addition, candidate will need to possess the ability to manage medium-to-large-scale IT initiatives throughout creative and development phases, while managing internal and client communication, resource allocation and reporting. Candidate will also play a lead role in technical requirement gathering, and be involved in communication and collaboration with development teams, client IT administrators, business stakeholders and other key players to support the development objectives.

Project & Technical Management Responsibilities:

Establish and execute multiple project timelines and deliverables on time and on budget.
Track all project details in JIRA and outside of JIRA
Effectively lead/co-manage web project development initiatives throughout the creative and development phases with a team.
Assist with development quotes and proposals in accordance with customer Request for Quotes.
Write clear, detailed requirements documentation and be responsible for the development of and/or ensuring that product deliverables and specifications are met.
Deliver exceptional solutions by conducting quality checks, maintaining project documentation and managing production resources.
Deliver project plans, business cases, implementation plans, schedules and communications.
Have experience with requirements gathering, requirements documenting (use cases, user stories, business processes, and training documentation) and change request management for web-based applications.
Participate, lead and mentor in a team environment, while working with team members to set and achieve development goals, and provide constructive feedback throughout the project lifecycle.
Project a positive, professional and customer-responsive image.
Interface with clients to address technical requirements, questions and concerns, as well as attend client meetings throughout the process to gather development requirements and capabilities.
Understands different programming languages and ability to solve problems in coding, testing and deployment.
Has complete knowledge of Microsoft Access
Possesses good knowledge of different software systems, client/server architectures and various compatibility requirements.

Excellent communication skills, with an emphasis on explaining complex development topics in simple terms.
Developmental/technical working knowledge of Drupal and basic concepts such as CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, SQL server, Oracle.
Advanced knowledge on Waterfall, Agile development, APIs, JavaScript frameworks and server configuration.
The Georgia Environmental Protection Division utilizes Microsoft products therefore extensive knowledge of all Microsoft products is required.
Ability to research and familiarize yourself with new development technology quickly.
Must ensure teams follow the correct procedures, policies and documentation requirements across project phases
Able to guide the team through the development, testing and implementation stages and review the completed work effectively
Provide direction and technical expertise in design, development and systems integration
Able to make quick decisions and solve technical problems to provide an efficient environment for project implementation
Identify resource and equipment requirements, efficient capacity planning and manage software and hardware availability
Must provide technical training to teams when required and serve as a technical mentor to team members