Job Description :
Job Title: Teamcenter System administration
Location: Houston, TX
Duration: Long Term

Job Description:
Bachelor's degree in Computer science or equivalent, with minimum of 8+ years of IT experience
Install and configure Teamcenter, modules, interfaces & integrations for upgrades or completely new sites, for all environments: development, QA & Production.
Manage system configuration
Integrate codes and configuration packages from multiple project team in to deployable package;
compile & relink code to GE standard server platform, where needed.
Provide guidance to project teams and set rules to maintain full controllership of the custom codes. (Included in the scope, but limited, are BMIDE templates, ACL, Workflows, Organizations, Preferences, & any other Teamcenter configuration elements)
Package & deploy GE custom codes and assist various GE project teams during their solution validation (unit, system, and user acceptance testing)
Perform BMIDE changes in different environments, on needed.
Create OPENGE tags & branches for different environments submitted by the developers (L2 in case break fix
Perform a role of System administration
Perform smoke tests during Monthly releases.
Continuously improve and optimize system architectural elements, such as FMS\FSC, Enterprise servers & pool managers, web servers, distribution, clients, translations servers, etc. for enhanced performance and scalability.
Off-business hour’s involvement is often required for production issue, technical patch, upgrade, and deploying system changes.
Monitor system regularly; ensure that the Teamcenter services & automated scripts scheduled on the server machines are properly running,
Create and develop scripts or 3rd party solutions to enable effective system health monitoring.
Maintain the existing Production scripts for application monitoring and metrics
Perform Teamcenter system administrator activities, such as removing process & data locks and other common issues.
Develop Knowledge base article where KT is not available