Job Description :
Install Talend Studio,Talend Administration Center, Talend JobServer, Talend Runtime and all other server components.
Scheduling and Deployment using TAC
Configure and manage CI/CD using Bitbucket and Talend
TAC installations including ESB, user creations, TAC configurations, All Talend services hands on-Kafka, Job server, Talend ESB configurations
Use Docker container to deploy Talend server components
Security and Performance enhancement
User management – Provision, grant and revoke access to users
Monitor metrics such as utilization to identify possible performance issues/enhancements
Experience in Azure environment , Azure Kubernetes, OpenShift etc
Azure configurations, Create / Debug VM related bugs and make servers up and configure Talend cluster
Upgrade server software, work with other groups on infrastructure upgrades/changes
Work with project manager as necessary regarding issues such as server down-time
Integration support with data sources;
Ensuring backups and restoration of Talend repositories.
Non production environment build and services for Talend
Response to support requests and Resolution to issues based on set SLA.
Manage offsite team and collaborate with other data analytical operation admin.
Experience in InfoSphere administration and CDC is a plus.