Job Description :
Role : The TRIRIGA Application Developer - Provide application configuration, data migration, report development, and general support for TRIRIGA.

Mandatory Skills

Experience in IBM TRIRIGA and TRIRIGA Reports - 4 Years at least

Certified(IBM Certified Application Developer- TRIRIGA Application Platform v3.2.1)and Experience with IBM TRIRIGA, in addition to basic tools, the other tools like Data Integrator, Integration Objects, CUSTOM Class Loader configurations

Minimum 2 yrs. of Programming experience in any language

· Understanding across Property Management, Construction Management and Facility Management areas of Tririga and how it’s aligned with the Real Estate Domain in Retail

Expertise in SOAP, Web Services, Middleware Solutions such as ETL tools, SQL Loader, other integration technologies. (Overall minimum 2 years; (with minimum 6 months to 1 year hands on experience on other areas)

Experience Designing and Building enterprise Integration solutions

Hands on Experience in SQL, PL/SQL Programming

· You need to have excellent communication skills

· Hands-On Experience in Agile Scrum

· Experience in Tririga BOs, Form Building, Portals, Workflows Designing, Modifying State Families, Navigations and Contact Roles Setup, Tririga Business Connect, Outbound/Inbound integrations.

· Experience in developing Tririga basic / BIRT reports.

· Create and manage integrations using IBM TRIRIGA Data Connect.

Job Roles/Responsibilities

design, develop and implement the data integration/migration solution with the Tririga application

understand the customer’s data requirements, work with the customer’s internal resources to accurately architect and scope the data integration/migration project task

perform all project tasks from design to Java development to training customer resources on the Tririga technologies and everything in between

introduce and/or streamline processes on the integration team, build templates and other tools

work cooperatively with others to accomplish project work in an efficient and quality manner

Create OM migration packages, porting and uploading to different systems, and coordinate with many offshore resources to ensure efficient quality and technical delivery of products and solutions.