Job Description :
Job Description:
The EED-2 program is looking for a talented system engineer with experience in cost comparison of AWS cloud services to help NASA manage their evaluation of earth science data cloud services. In this role, the systems engineer will be responsible for evaluating and managing AWS options to determine the most cost effective implementation given project technical needs as well as ensuring that AWS costs are accurately allocated to individual projects. This position requires the ability to work closely both with EOSDIS project teams to understand technical cloud requirements and with the NASA finance team to understand cost allocations in NASA financial systems. The systems engineer will be a member of our EOSDIS Evolution and Development 2 (EED-2) team that supports NASA in its mission to provide scientists and other users access to data from NASA’s Earth science missions, including satellite, aircraft, and field measurement data.

Job Responsibilities:
Reconcile cloud service invoices, ensure proper allocation of cost based on consumption
Operate Cloud Management Platform (CMP) tools like CloudCheckr, and Cloudtamer
Monitor visibility and controls to reduce cloud computing costs and apply cost optimization across an enterprise AWS based cloud computing platform
Work to establish centralized operational rules and policies
Plan, design, implement and support cloud framework and governance
Coordinate across a large number of stakeholder groups within EOSDIS to plan, design, and implement enterprise cloud solutions

Required Skills:
10 years of systems engineering experience
Proven experience in financial management of deployed AWS solutions
Experience in developing financial policies and monitoring compliance

Desired Skills:
Experience with Cloud Management Platform (CMP) tools like CloudCheckr, and Cloudtamer
Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication with both technical and business audiences

Required Education:
Bachelor’s Degree in Systems Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field

Client : Fedaral