Job Description :
Role: System Developer / Engineer
Experience: 8-10+ years of technical experience
Location: Atlanta,GA

Duration: Full Time

Requirement briefing –
Applicants must have a minimum of two years’ experience in working with applications to design, set up and support MQ configurations across Windows and Linux/Unix operating systems. They must be fully acquainted with and able to support solutions involving OS HA, MQ clustering, OAM and SSL/TLS security, MQ Client and Queue Manager installations, as well as Publish/Subscribe services. They must be able to troubleshoot performance issues including channel failures, “lost” messages, FFDC errors and the like. They must know how to set up and support connections through MQIPT. Applicants should be conversant in MQ v. 7.5 and higher. They must be able to create supporting documentation and written procedures for best practices. Ability to work with MQ messaging on Docker and in the Cloud is a plus. Familiarity with MQ configurations on z/OS also a plus. Scripting capabilities a plus. Good working knowledge of Linux and Windows OS necessary. Good written and oral communication skills are a must.

Technical Skills -

· Able to support MQ via both Command Line and MQ Explorer.

· Able to create new Queue Managers/file systems and MQ objects (queues, channels, processes, etc.

· Able to set up JMS objects within the Queue Manager, for JMS communications.

· Able to set up rudimentary ksh or bash scripts on Linux for defining new MQ objects.

· Able to create an MQ cluster and perform MQ cluster troubleshooting.

· Able to troubleshoot issues surrounding channels going down, queues filling and Queue Managers failing.

· Able to set up MQ authorizations.

· Able to set up SSL connections for MQ, using either the command line or IBM key management tool.

· Able to set up a Publish/Subscribe environment and define Topics and Topic trees.

· Able to set up MQIPT communications with external customers.

· Able to install MQ Server and Client software on RedHat Linux and Windows systems.

· Able to apply MQ fixpacks, security patches and updates, as needed.

Non-Technical Skills:

· Ability to coordinate and lead offshore team size of 8-10 resources

· Candidate must have excellent English written and oral communication skills.

· Candidate must be able to work with technical and non-technical people from diverse backgrounds and locations.

· Candidate must possess an acute sense of detail and thoroughness.

· Candidate must be able to strictly follow standards and procedures set in place, and be able to properly justify and document any necessary exceptions.