Job Description :
? Architecting, implementing, and managing environments in the AWS cloud
? After-hours support
? Designing and implementing better processes for deployment and management of
? Writing good documentation
? Continual improvement of architecture, processes, and skills
? Working with Developers and Project Managers
? Improve and maintain installation and configuration procedures and have solid

? 2+ years experience maintaining systems for a high-availability service provider.
? Excellent written and oral communication skills.
? Proficiency with UNIX systems including Linux systems, installing and configuring packages
such Apache, Postfix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Nginx and Linux performance tools.
? Solid understanding of TCP/IP including competent knowledge analyzing PCAP network
? Experience interfacing with APIs
? Excellent knowledge of Bash. Must be able to read, write and understand bash scripts.
? Firm understanding of and experience with configuration or management tools such as
Ansible, Puppet or Chef.
? Strong Amazon''s Web Service (AWS) skills.
? Experience in full-stack troubleshooting
? Extensive expertise and support for virtualization technologies such as Xen, KVM and
? Understanding of web security vulnerabilities including cross site scripting (XSS), cross site
request forgery (CSRF), and SQL injections.