Job Description :
Sr. Windows Admin w/ PearsonVue Architect
Menands, NY
24 Months

Job Description:
This position is for a technical architect who will focus on designing and implementing continuous user experience improvements; and expanding thin client deployments within the DOCCS Secure Offender Network. Examples of daily tasks include:
Gather and document requirements for expansion of Thin Client deployments at DOCCS correctional facilities. Identify resource requirements and establish timelines for deployments.
Administer SharePoint sites within Secure Offender and Staff Networks. Design and implement new site collections and data parts as needed.
Request and evaluate vendor quotes for equipment and services as needed to accommodate growth of the Secure Offender Network.
Administer PearsonVue’s Access 21st Century, GED 21st Century, and ReadOn! Educational software suites.
Mentor support and field-level staff. Identify and implement process improvements.
Participate in weekly technical planning sessions.
Oversee and test updates to Premise application data.
Candidates should have at least 84 months experience and a majority of the following should apply:
Each candidate should fill out the months of experience they have for each item in the table:
1. 84 months experience gathering requirements, planning and implementing Thin Client deployments. #of months 20
2. 84 months experience organizing documentation and creating document repository structures. #of months 10
3. 84 months experience implementing large-scale projects. #of months 10
4. 24 months experience designing and implementing automated user account management solutions for a Windows Server environment, including Active Directory provisioning. #of months 10
5. 48 months experience with physical network connections including patch panels, switches and interconnectivity. #of months 5
6. 24 months experience administering end user applications. Example: PearsonVue Access 21st Century, GED 21st Century or ReadOn! Educational software suites. #of months 5
7. 24 months experience troubleshooting and testing application security. Example: Westlaw’s Premise Legal Research application. #of months 5
8. 24 months hands-on experience implementing Digital Persona identity management tools in an MS Active Directory environment. #of months 5
9. 48 months experience implementing and managing Microsoft Office. #of months 5
10. 24 months experience in administration and design of a document share. Example: SharePoint. #of months 5