Job Description :
Sr. Systems Engineer -DevOps/Azure
Irvine, CA
Contract to Hire

Job requirements:
1. Strong Ansible skills
a. Very well versed in creating roles that can be leveraged in an existing playbook (do they have any public examples on GitHub? That would help)
b. Able to read/digest other people’s work and make comments/assist
c. Strong python and ability to apply that to custom Ansible modules is a plus, but not mandatory
d. Familiarity with Ansible Tower is a plus
2. Strong familiarity with Windows and Linux
a. Current focus is on Ansible roles that run under Windows 2016
b. Secondary focus is assisting app/product teams with integrating their Ansible code into existing playbooks
c. (both Linux and Windows)
d. Basic understanding of authentication methods for remote WinRM (NTLM, Kerberos, CredSSP, basic)
e. Basic understanding of PowerShell to handle configurations that don’t have Ansible modules
f. Basic understanding of Bash
g. Experience working with Python pywinrm libraries is a plus
3. Good familiarity with Packer
a. There is an ongoing project to integrate packer with code and automate image builds, as well as integrate existing builds to work on multiple platforms (Azure, VMware, AWS
4. AWS knowledge is a strong plus
a. Helpful in providing advice to other teams and troubleshooting issues as AWS is a new platform.
b. IAM security knowledge is a HUGE plus (permissions required for role x to do task y)
c. Key Management Services also valuable (all ebs volumes are encrypted, so helpful to be familiar)