Job Description :
The primary responsibility Senior Solutions Engineer is to configure and support the CA APM (Application Performance Management) tool for the WMATA organization. In addition to performing implementation functions, the Senior Solutions Engineer performs design and implementation tasks such as requirements gathering, configuration, integration, and testing for CA APM deployment. The Senior Solutions Engineer partners with users to create and modify process workflows, executive dashboards in addition to developing knowledge, technical and process documentation. Additionally, the Senior Solutions Engineer stays abreast of new features and functionality, playing a key role in driving continual improvement and is a member of the Information Technology (IT) process ownership team. Task for this project will include: ¿ Implement CA APM to various partners within the WMATA organization. ¿ Participate in the development, testing, and implementation of disaster recovery procedures for critical CA APM data center systems ¿ Evaluate, analyze and audit production systems processes and server equipment and set appropriate monitoring and alarming through APM. 1. CA Application Performance Management (APM) a. APM Dashboards based on customer requirements b. Managing agent configuration & alert thresholds i. Configure agent tracing as needed to troubleshoot application issues ii. Static Threshold Based Alarms iii. Univariate Statistical Analysis iv. AI Pattern Recognition c. Programming/Development Experience i. JAVA ii. .NET d. Integration into existing CA Technologies Products i. Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) ii. Spectrum iii. SOI iv. Service Desk e. User security i. AD Integration ii. Groups iii. User login determines which reports, groups, metrics, etc. user has access to 2. Jaspersoft/Unified CABI (CA Business Intelligence) Custom Dashboards a. Spectrum b. Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) c. Service Operation Insight d. Performance Management e. Service Desk f. E-mailing of scheduled weekly and monthly reports 3. CA Performance Management (PM) a. Integration with Spectrum b. Network Port Monitoring Governance c. Converting CA eHealth Live Exception rules to PM d. CA Performance Center (CAPC) Dashboards e. Reports on Demand f. Grouping of Devices i. PM rules ii. Spectrum Global Collections g. Device Self Certification 4. Spectrum & SOI Integration a. Migration from SysEDGE to UIM Agents b. Automated building of business services