Job Description :
Job Description:

Demonstrates understanding of goals and objectives and customer business needs by using IT methodologies to ensure appropriate solutions are implemented.
Develops high-level architecture design documents to facilitate integration of in-house development project and/or vendor based application within the existing enterprise architecture.
Develops/Maintains "Best Practices” policies/procedures for the technical implementations developed within the enterprise.
Develops detailed data models for logical and conceptual database designs. Applies data modeling techniques and enterprise data standards to highly complex business requirements.
Performs initial design, problem solving and reviews of software architecture that conforms with the strategic direction of customer.
Performs analysis oversight during detailed design of systems that conform with the strategic direction of the organization.
Provides solutions to highly complex projects to meet corporate goals that include, but are not limited to, those having a range of platforms and/or areas of expertise that are primarily strategic and long-term in scope having corporate-wide impact.
Ensures financial targets are met by meeting budget goals and objectives.
Coaches, mentors, delegates and provides technical leadership to developers to facilitate their development. Fosters high performing technical teams.
Coordinates cross-functional IT departments to resolve issues.
Obtain more effective overall operations by recommending best practice technical solutions.
Working with Project and Program Managers, ensures application developer and DBA resources and task durations are appropriately assigned.
Proposes changes to improve work and process flows and be a change catalyst. Constantly considers new ways of operating and actively leads appropriate sustainable change initiatives consistent with the strategy. Adapts priorities and actions to changing business situations.
Meets department and corporate goals by developing and communicating methodologies, standards and procedures related to the database and systems environment across the enterprise.
Technologies include but not limited to
Java, Micorservices, Event driven architecture, ELK, Jenkins, MQ , Kafka, DB2 , Cassandra, Graph database , Integration with BI analytics.