Job Description :
Job Title: Sr. SAS Developer

Location: Iowa

Duration: 6+ Month

Interview: Skype for non-local

Green Card or U.S Citizens only required
Need independent consultants….

Top 3 requirements:
· 7+ years of SAS experience (Base/Macros)
· Experience with MS Excel
· Data Mapping
· Knowledge of Life and Annuity business (Preferred)

· Experience with Data validation, cleaning data.
· Problem solving
· Can you articulate examples of how to do processes in SAS. Pros and cons of doing things this way vs. that.
· How do you get your requirements. Are you given tasks as part of a team to build something new? Have you worked on a project that you get a problem and then try to solve it?
· Have you done a data conversion project before? What is your experience with it?

· This is not the actual conversion, but rather issues that have come up after the fact – dealing with policies that failed, something is wrong. This is the process of finding data, setting up processes to deal with those policies. Working with other parts of the company that will do some of the corrections and then get info out to policy holders.
· Lots of sas coding. Some of the team, works with users to get requirements. Most of hers come in via email where she has to analyze what they need. Coding to evaluate policies – pull those in and do some analysis to see various indicators on it to specify what we can do with those policies. Few times – running something someone already setup, but most of it is adhoc or adjusting items already done (new dynamic or expanding it
Increased workload on the conversion project and other Data Mart projects.
Your responsibility & % of time spent doing what:
Maintain Conversion Reporting Mart and generate reports. (50%)
Data Mapping and Analysis. Develop ETL processes for other Data Mart projects and reporting (50%
This % will change as we will move away from conversion.