Job Description :
Candidates must be local
Title: Senior Project Manager: - Public Safety and Justice Data Exchanges
Business Background & Need:
The Law and Justice Systems Roadmap (LJSR) Project was initiated in FY 2009 to meet the unmet business and technology needs of the entire Santa Clara County Law and Justice community. Some of the initial drivers of this project included legacy technology systems becoming unsupportable, staff retirements, availability of complementary technologies and new systems, potential for quick wins, and external factors such as new California State court system. A tremendous amount of information was gathered during the LJSR project including an in depth assessment of the County''s highly integrated Criminal Justice Information Control (CJIC) system, development of high level departmental business and system requirements, evaluation of technical needs, identification of pain points and opportunities for improvement, and implementation of a number of quick wins and 4 pilot projects to test new technology integration with CJIC.
The LJSR Project became a permanent program (Public Safety & Justice Systems Program - PSJSP) managed by the County''s Information Services Department (ISD) in order to move the technology advancements forward and meet the needs of the Criminal Justice community. The PSJSP uses the extensive information gathered by the LJSR project to implement key technology changes for the Santa Clara County Public Safety and Justice community. Each agency is at a different stage of updating their technology to meet their business needs. The PSJSP provides oversight and guidance to departmental technology projects and manages and delivers enterprise technology initiatives that support integration, collaboration, business process improvements, and information sharing across County justice and public safety agencies.
PSJSP supports the vision, design, and implementation of an integrated Information Sharing Environment that will promote and support cross-agency collaboration, share information and services, enhance data exchanges, provide business intelligence and analytics, and integrate, consolidate and distribute information across County, local, regional and State agencies.
PSJSP Includes:
Design and implementation of a Countywide Information Sharing Environment (Client)
Design and Implementation of Data Exchanges
Design and Implementation of Enterprise Master Indices & Code Tables
Implementation of a new case management system for the Office of the Public Defender
Implementation of a new case management system for Adult and Juvenile Probation
Implementation of a Jail Management System for the Department of Correction
Implementation of a Records Management System for the Office of the Sheriff
Collaboration with the local Court on the implementation of the new Court Case Management System and integration with the CJIC system
Design and implementation of a Business Intelligence/Data Analytics system
Design and implementation of a Re-Entry Referral Tracking system for the Office of Re-Entry Services
Program governance, project management, budget management and resourcing for the above projects
Ongoing support of the County''s criminal justice community IT needs
Ongoing support and maintenance of enterprise Public Safety & Justice systems
Project Name (if applicable): Public Safety & Justice Systems Program
Impact to business or project if delayed or recommended approach is not taken: Implementation of Enterprise Master Indices & Code Tables will be significantly delayed, more expensive, and risk of failure will be higher without a Project Manager. Data integration between the new Court system, other new systems, CJIC and the Client will be at risk and could fail due to lack of knowledge of data components and integration strategies. Organizational change required to implement new systems in County agencies could create a large barrier that would threaten the success of these projects.
Skills Requirement:
a. Principles and practices of configuring and implementing data exchanges;
b. Concepts related to an data sharing and integration;
c. Computer software used to manage projects;
d. Principles and practices of technical problem solving;
e. Team dynamics and team building;
f. Strong written and verbal communications skills;
g. Strong meeting organization and facilitation skills;
h. Proven ability to work independently and in a fast-paced, multiple-priority environment;
i. Understand highly complex information sharing and methodologies;
j. Ability to work effectively with County stakeholders and executive management;
k. Ability to effectively communicate resource needs and project issues with management and project teams;
l. Understanding of system integration strategies;
m. Ability to work closely with agencies and departments to assist with operational change management and technical system implementation;
n. Design, installation, and transition from project team to operations support of data exchanges with applications;
o. Knowledge of the criminal justice business environment
2. Experience Requirement:
a. At least (5) years of experience managing IT Information Sharing projects
b. At least five (5) years of experience implementing Data Exchange Projects following the National Information Exchange Model and practices;
c. At least five (5) years of staff supervision and management;
d. Good understanding of public safety and criminal justice systems;
e. Data Exchange and Application Integration testing;
f. Information system integration;
g. Vendor Data Exchange Contract Management;
h. PMP is desirable but not required.
3. Education Requirement:
a. Minimum Bachelor''s Degree. A Master''s Degree in Management Information Systems or a related field is highly desirable.
4. Responsibilities:
a. Ensures that the Data Exchange project is delivered on time, within budget, and to customer specifications;
b. Plans and oversees Data Exchange project to completion; identifies scope and objectives; identifies deliverables and establishes schedules and timelines; assigns work to the project team members;
c. Identifies project resources and skill level of necessary resources;
d. Meets with County Stakeholders to establish goals, priorities, major work schedules;
e. Tracks and reports status of projects, including timelines, schedules, risks and resources;
f. Facilitates the resolution of complex problems, by meeting with County Stakeholders, vendors, and technical staff to identify problems and potential solutions; revises project plans to reflect changes;
g. Develops cost and budget analyses;
h. Participates in the development of and advises management on information technology strategy and technology deployment;
i. Performs other related duties as required.
5. Performance Expectations:
The selected candidate must perform the duties with utmost professionalism and adhere to the requirements identified by the Requesting Manager. As part of this engagement, the Requesting Manager will monitor the candidate during the performance period in the following areas:
Quality of product and service
Timeliness of performance
Depth of knowledge
Interpersonal and communication skills
Project management skills
Management and supervision of other contract resources
Experience, qualifications, and ability to meet the needs of this engagement
Monitoring and Reporting Expectations:
The Senior Project Manager will submit a bi-weekly status report to the Hiring Manager that will include the following at a minimum:
Hours and work performed per day
Status of project deliverables and milestones
Issues or constraints
Planned activities for following period
If you are comfortable with the requirement, please forward your profile to murali at keylent dot com or feel free to reach me at 4 0 7 4 0 1 7 7 1 8