Job Description :
Sr. Linux Engineer
Louisville, KY
Long Term

Need Technical strong resource in Linux (CentOS operating system) for Development / Maintenance of FOCUS POS System

1. FOCUS POS Builds:
a. Develop new scripts/menus/processes for all users (Development, QA and field team members
b. Maintain well over 500 existing scripts and configuration files.Develop/create new as needed.
c. Integration of new RPM''s to provide new features, stability or security vulnerability mitigation.
2. FOCUS POS Build Process:
a. Build and maintain build servers (Dev, QA, Staging, Production, Cloud Develop and maintain build scripts.
b. Configure and maintain rpm repositories. Maintain/create kickstart files as needed. Maintain/Create nearly 70 Puppet modules.
c. Integrate new hardware into build processes and implement driver updates.
d. Provide updated thin client configurations as needed (VXL – proprietary OS, WYSE – SUSE Linux Enterprise)
3. FOCUS Update Processes:
a. Ensure all necessary RPM''s and supporting files are maintained in the Production environment (physical machine and AWS)
b. Create and maintain automated nightly system maintenance processes which ensure consistent configuration across all store servers and terminals.
c. Ensure snapshot creation and restore processes.
4. Backups - Ongoing maintenance of backup scripts and processes.
5. Third Party Application Support
a. Firefox: Updating browser and associated plugins as required. Maintain jailed environment and multiple browser configuration profiles for general website usage and HotSchedules.
b. Monetra - Obtain new Monetra builds as needed in the form of tarballs. Test Monetra RPM installation process.
c. Tibco upgrades - Obtain new tarball from Tibco. Configure and build custom Tibco RPM''s.
6. OS account management - 90 day OS/database password update cycle. Maintain secondary login accounts as well as client and generator programs
7. Maintain workshop jobs for routine updates
8. Hardware lifecycle management: Evaluate new hardware for OS/application compatibility. Determine requirements to integrate new hardware into POS configuration.
9. POS Admin Team – Areas of Support (Operations Call Center, GOST browser and plugin support, Focus QA/Development, FS Deployment and Information Security)

Additional Skillsets: Good experience in JIRA and versioning tools (GITHUb and SVN)