Job Description :
Job Title: Sr Java Full Stack Developer

Location: Wilmington, DE

Duration: 2+ years

Required Experience “Minimum 10+ years

Note: After 4+ Months Remote


The people they are seeking, now, will be part of their Enterprise Platform Migration effort. This is a highly agile shop. The enterprise platform is built on Domain Driven design, with Event Driven architecture and Event Driven Microservices. They make extensive use of CQRS, Spring Boot and Axon. Object-oriented programming, Test-Driven Development (TDD), Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) are all a vital part of all development.

Candidates don’t have to have this knowledge but need to have very strong object-oriented programming experience at minimum.

PLEASE NOTE – Candidates will be asked to complete a Coding Challenge exercise in order to be considered for this engagement. This exercise should take several hours. The candidate's response should be production-ready. (The more production-ready, the better it will appear to the review team)

This is the candidate's opportunity to demonstrate their Java coding skills and expertise.

Job Description

Person Specification

- At least 8 years of software industry experience

- At least 3 years of distributed systems experience

- At least 2 years of formal technical leadership role experience

Basic Qualifications/Skills:

Technical Skills

· Business capability and domain modeling, including an understanding of domain driven design, including modeling of events

· Deep understanding of different integration patterns and best practices such as events, synchronous vs. asynchronous messaging, peer-to-peer, Publish-subscribe, distributed logs and RESTful APIs

· Microservices topologies, including operational concerns such as resiliency, observability, discovery, and routing, etc.

· Enterprise security design in a Microservices architecture such as the role of Identity Providers and the Authentication / Authorization flow design

· Approaches to managing Architectural debt, Architecture governance and evolution in practice

· API lifecycle management and the corresponding technologies

· You can collaborate with diverse technical delivery teams to build service-based architecture to scale and innovate

· You can design and build user-centric API ecosystems to drive new consumer experiences and unlock business capabilities

· You can speak to various API business models, including internal ROI

· You can help executives balance scorecards and KPIs with the API platform in mind

· You have strong facilitation skills ensure alignment to architectural vision

· You can articulate trade-offs and drive high-impact technology decisions on topics including (but not limited to) IaaS/PaaS providers, container orchestration, service mesh, API gateways, and commercial vs. open source software.

· Have experience with, and understand how to lead, legacy integration and remediation (facades, strangler approaches, et. al

· You understand the business risks and challenges that organizations face, and the need to align technical strategies with roadmaps that create business capability and opportunity.

· You understand that leadership is not something you do from far away; you get the importance of taking people with you along the journey. Strong stakeholder management and interaction at different levels is essential.

· You can create and guide the vision for evolutionary architecture and adoption roadmaps for our clients

Soft Skills

· Mentoring: a team and bringing them up to speed on new languages and skills. We all learn from each other, but with the breadth of technical experience you’ll bring to the table, you’ll be an invaluable teacher to your less-experienced peers.

· Thinking big and acting fast: You’ll need a startup mentality with enterprise awareness. That means you can manage competing priorities, that you’re ready to pivot or adjust plans quickly, and that you understand the role you and your team play in major organizations’ tech strategies.

Influencing priorities: You understand both the business problem and the technical solution, and you’re able to advocate for excellence and effect change when necessary.

Preferred Qualifications/Skills:

· Over 8 years of overall software industry experience

· Hands-on experience working with reactive, event-driven architectures

· Very strong with object-oriented programming, domain-driven design

· A DevOps mindset with a continuous delivery mindset and expertise with cloud technologies such as Kubernetes, Openshift, AWS, etc.