Job Description :
Job Description:
8 years as Java developer
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field
Advanced knowledge and experience in Java
Proficient in at least one source control tool like Git or Bit bucket (5 years )
Strong in micro-services based Architecture (5 years )
Strong in CI systems to create builds, ideally Jenkins. (5 years )
Understanding of Agile Methodology and other software development methodologies
Strong critical thinking, attention to detail, and analytical skills
Strong oral and written communication skills
Strong in Web services & API standards (REST/OAuth/JSON) (5 years )
Strong in Programming (Java ) (5 years )
Application Frameworks (spring boot, Spring Cloud, Hibernate, JPA) (5 years )
Software Architectures (micro-services, event driven, peer-to-peer) (5 years )
Experience with any cloud providers and building 12 factor applications
Experience with DevOps methodology and Test automations (Jenkins/Sonar/JBehave/)
Experience with enterprise and application security (3 years )
Asynchronous Pub-Sub and Point to Point Messaging Systems (3 years )
Experience with relational and non-relational data stores (3 years )
Preferred experience with Docker and Kubernetes
Preferred knowledge with PCF
Preferred experience in NoSQL data stores (Cassandra/mongo/redis)
Good to Have :
NoSQL, Spring Batch, Rabbit Mq ,Apache Kafka, IntelliJ, Oracle, Postgres