Job Description :
Specific Skills required:
Education: Minimum 4-year degree from an accredited university or college

This position is considered a senior level technical resource and requires a minimum of 10 years of proven experience in the field of software development. Must be able to demonstrate the following skills:

J2EE application development including front end, back end, and middle tier components utilizing multiple design patterns, experience utilizing third party middleware tools that are incorporated in application design, web services creation, consumption and implementation, extensive knowledge of web and application servers.
. Must be a full stack developer
. Requires minimum 8 years of Java/JEE core development experience
. Requires minimum of 5 year of writing unit tests using unit test frameworks like junit, mockito, jmockit and other mocking frameworks
. Requires minimum 2 years of experience in asynchronous programming
. Requires minimum 2 years of experience in all these AJAX, JQUERY
. Requires minimum 5 years of experience in javascript programming (angular js, node js , npm, webpack) and front end (user interface) development using javascript
. Requires minimum 2 years of experience in implementing code quality rules in the code (SonarQube)
. Requires minimum 2 years of rules engine experience (OPA
. Requires minimum 2 years of experience in developing scripts using ant, maven
. Requires minimum 3 years of experience in writing efficient SQL queries
. Requires minimum 2 years coding experience with all facets of Spring especially (Spring Boot, Spring Batch)
. Requires minimum 5 years of experience in designing and developing restful APIs and Web Services using JAX-RS (Jersey, Rest Easy, Spring Rest)
. Requires minimum 2 years Web Services experience, top-down, bottom-up, Implementation with JAXWS, CXF
. Requires minimum 2 years Oracle SQL experience
. Optional 2 years Application Server experience, JBOSS, Deployment Management, etc.
. Optional 2 years scripting experience (with Shell, Groovy, etc