Job Description :
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Anyone available for this challenging role?
No OPT / CPT / H4 EAD candidates. No candidates.
12-15+ year IT profiles Only.
Genuine Resumes Only.
JOB TITLE: Sr. JAVA AWS Engineer / Architect
LENGTH: Long term - possible funding extension in FY 2019 - 2020
START DATE: 03.22.19
JOB Location: SLC, Utah
Interview Mode - Phone + Web Cam
The candidate will be required to work 100% On-site, in Salt Lake City,
full-time for 40 hours per week.
SKILLS ASSESMENT results required (SCREEN SHOT) both in Angular and Java.
(Not AngularJS but Angular) prior to submission.
Project Overview:
This engagement is to provide the client Single Sign On Business Portal
project with professional services expertise as a Senior Java Web Architect
cum Developer. The selected candidate will be joining the Business Portal
team as an Architect. The initial scope will be a probationary time through
the end of fiscal year ending June 30 2019 (840 hours After this period,
an evaluation will be completed to determine if the individual meets the
requirements. If so, they will be provided an extension to the existing
contracted project, for upto 5 years. The Single Sign-on Business Portal
group is a statewide, high profile project that will be developing a
business portal to link business services from 26 different agencies under
one portal and the successful candidate must be able to architect a solution
following the Client`s policies and procedures and utilize the centralized
tool set and environment.
They will need to be highly innovative and be able to work well in an Agile
environment. They will be required to train and mentor client staff. They
will need to have excellent oral and written communication and feel
comfortable in meetings and presentations. Preference may be given to
candidates that have demonstrated experience working with Artificial
Intelligence (Alexa applications) and Amazon SNS. The candidate will be
required to work on-site, in Salt Lake City, full-time for 40 hours per
Required Skills:
● Expert understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS
● Expert understanding of IIS versions 11 and below, including the
integrated pipeline and ISAPI extensions
● Expert understanding of Apache Tomcat versions 8.5 and below, including
the JK connector
● Expert understanding of the HTTP request/response paradigm
● Expert understanding of Java fundamentals, versions 9 and below
● Expert understanding of Java servlets and filters, bonus points for
JASPIC and Tomcat Valves
● Expert understanding of RESTful web services/APIs
● Expert understanding of, including Core, MVC, and Web Forms
● Expert understanding of designing and implementing relational databases,
especially Amazon Aurora.
● Expert understanding of popular Object Relational Mapping frameworks,
especially JPA/Hibernate and Entity Framework
● Expert understanding of Spring MVC, especially Rest Controllers
● Expert in Angular versions 4 and above
● Expert usage of Visual Studio version 2017 and below, and IntelliJ Idea
● Proficient understanding of SOAP web services
● Proficient understanding of Windows Server 2016 and below networking
● Proficient understanding of Spring Boot, Spring Security, and Spring IoC
● Proficient understanding of the OAuth2 authentication framework,
especially OpenID Connect and JWT
● Proficient understanding of HTTPS including certificate stores, wildcard
certificates, and mutual authentication
● Proficient understanding of Scrum/Agile projects
● Proficient in Jira
● Proficient in Git, especially Gitflow
● Proficient in NodeJS
● Proficient in HTML5/CSS3 grid based layouts, especially Bootstrap and
● Proficient with Jenkins continuous integration.
Interview Scoring Criteria V/s Weightage:
Java fundamentals - 20%
Amazon Web Services (AWS) - 20%
Relational Databases - Amazon Aurora - 15%
Angular version 4 & Above - 15%
Candidate Cost - 30%
Total - 100%