Job Description :
NOTE: Need to have minimum 4+ years of US experience.

Need to have LinkedIn ID.


Sr. Hadoop with Java Developer @ Baltimore, MD for 12+ Months contract

Required 10+ Years of IT Industry experience.

* 3 + years of experience in designing data processing pipeline
using distributed parallel processing technologies
* Hands-on experience working on distributed file system such as
* Hands-on experience with distributed programming using Java map
reduce, Apache spark, pachyderm, etc
* Hands-on experience working on SQL-on-Hadoop solutions like
Impala, Hcatalog, Hive, etc
* Hands-on experience working on data ingestion tools such as Apache
NiFi, Scoop, Kafka
* Experience with cluster management technologies such as YARN,
Mesos, Kubernetes
* Knowledge of big data application development framework such as
Spring XD