Job Description :
Sr.DevOps Engineers
Lansing, MI

2 positions.



DevOps Engineers implement automation across development and infrastructure teams to realize a self-serve mechanism for developers to build, deploy, and operate their delivered applications. They are well-versed in Automation, Infrastructure as Code and Continuous Delivery concepts. DevOps Engineers are focused on the automation of infrastructure resources, application deployments, testing and security practices.
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related technical field OR related experience.
Experience in scripting automation solutions.
Experience using source code management.
Experience implementing integrated build and deployment systems.
Experience with an artifact repositories.
Experience with configuration management and orchestration tools and techniques.
Is self-directing in daily work and priorities.
Previous development or system administration roles and responsibilities.
Experience with high security environments such as Finance, Healthcare, Defense, etc.
Experience with transformation to containers and cloud solutions.
Ability to train others in individual or group settings.
Experience with Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise (SAFe

Skillsets we are looking for:
Strong understanding of cloud concepts and 5+ years of working in a cloud environment (aws, azure, google cloud, openstack)
Strong understanding of security concepts; certificates, auth tokens, ssl, ad, sso concepts, etc…
Strong understanding of procedural and object oriented coding / scripting. Someone who has spent time on a development team building source code.
Strong understanding of linux environment. Knows bash, ubuntu, redhat, etc…
Understanding of Docker, lxd’s, lxc’s, vm’s. Should come along with cloud computing, but would be nice if they have used docker before.

Client : Direct Client