Job Description :
Role: Senior Database Administrator
Location:-Wilmington, DE-
Job Description Summary:
A candidate filling this position is responsible for managing DBA staff, designing databases, generating DB scripts, performing QA, developing work plans, and managing system security in order to ensure the high availability(H.A and uninterrupted operation of system databases. This is a key project position responsible for ensuring that proper SDLC project standards are adhered to.

1. Design and implement appropriate database backup strategies for all system databases
2. Design and implement appropriate database integrity checks for all system databases
3. Monitor and maintain appropriate indexes on system databases
4. Monitor system error logs and generate mitigation plans for system errors
5. Monitor and configure SQL jobs using the DB agent and enterprise scheduling software
6. Verify the integrity of system backups
7. Monitor system performance and proactively recommend maintenance and hardware/software changes required to continuous meet system performance benchmarks
8. Document the system design and maintain the documentation as a living artifact
9. Document, test, and implement system disaster recovery plans
10. Manage system and database security

1. B.S. in computer science or a related degree
2. Work experience demonstrating mastery of each job requirement
3. Previous management experience
4. Experience using database design, documentation, and development tools
5. Experience using a source control product
6. Experience working within a SDLC process
7. Excellent problem solving skills
8. Excellent communication skills
9. Advanced knowledge of MS SQL Server 2012+ is highly desirable

Special Notes from the Team Lead.
The DBA must be an experienced hire with previous management experience. Ideally, they should have 10+ years working with RDBMS systems

Client : Deloitte