Job Description :
Details Of Position
Requirements elicitation will be through formal work sessions attended by business sponsors, application architects, and system programmers. The size of the meetings will vary, averaging approximately 20 -25 participants. Some participants will be on-site and others will be joining remotely. The BA is responsible for all aspects of these meetings including developing agendas and objectives, directing and guiding the discussion, and writing accurate, clear, and concise minutes that are grammatically correct. The BA will translate the meeting discussion and applicable information into detailed Business and Functional Requirements that will be reviewed and signed off on by multiple project stakeholders. The BA will develop and confirm the functional requirements through formal and informal meetings, as well as one-on-one communication with project contributors. The systems that the BA will support are not customer facing. These are back end systems containing rules for the movement and complex transformation of an extremely large volume of data. The BA will not receive formal training on the systems. The BA will be required to quickly learn and understand the as-is functional processes within these systems. This understanding is necessary in order to effectively conduct meetings and identify and document business and system functional requirements. The BA will work on a core team including a Lead Business analyst and three or four Business Analysts.

Primary Skills
Significant experience managing large meetings - Advanced
Articulate – above average written and communication skills - Advanced
Ability to quickly analyze and synthesize information - Advanced

Management Skills
A minimum of 5 years of experience writing business and functional requirements is required. Advanced