Job Description :
Business Analyst Job Description

Essential Duties

Product Big Picture, Backlog Management and Prioritization
? Share product vision, stakeholder map and clarity on the MVPs and Non-MVPs to the Team - to enable team to take planning decisions
? Continuously prioritize Sprint Backlog, Release Backlog and Product Backlog using Ranking in JIRA
? Track and understand the investment mix/Business Value of Release or Product backlog and provide visibility and recommendations to client based on ROI
? Create backlog for Non-Functional Requirements - Software version compatibility, upgrades, Security, Availability, deployment - define/add Stories into the backlog for any changes like IE versions, PHP/Apache/Tomcat version, Linux etc
? Act as an internal client / proxy to the client PO
? With input from subject matter experts/TL/QA, writes requirements in the form of User Stories, with well defined Acceptance Criteria in the form of Scenarios and work with TL to identify functional and technical impacts within each story
? Maintain backlog health - Continuously grooms backlog - Add, Delete, updating of stories with prioritization and estimates and then updating sprint and release milestones. Always backlog has visibility for next 2-3 sprints by conducting refinement meeting in regular cadence
? Decides the order in which stories are to be delivered
? Leading product requirement gathering conversations with client
? Future conversations around vision of product, team staffing, increasing the account
? Release Planning - define release goals
? Validate and record agreements from demos, client calls in minutes, stories and acceptance criteria
? Should be able to understand the Product Risk, Release Risk To Ship, Obstacles and Dependencies (external/Internal/with interfacing teams) and help in getting them resolved/escalated
? Update each story description and acceptance criteria with the summary from comment threads
? Create wireframes, workflow diagrams, facilitate and provide ideas for UX design. Also facilitate with UX studio if necessary for giving multiple design options

Monitor release, sprint and budget
? Drive UAT with clients to get stories moved to DONE
? Configure and track Release Burndown to see the Release Projection vs Release Date and either adjust Scope accordingly(move in or Move out contents from Release) in consultation with Client or raise flag with Team in case of Projection going out, understand the RCA and request for corrective actions like improve team velocity/productivity.
? Negotiate with the client for swapping new features or for extra budget, and push-back
? Define and track Product milestones and provide regular updates to the client
? Creating and Maintaining SOW''s for all the work

Team Engagement
? Takes demo from the team and validates if everything is as per stories/acceptance criteria
? Give continuous feedback on stories as they are developed and give suggestions for improvements
? Be available to the Scrum Team throughout the Iteration/Sprint for answering queries/doubts or see demos
? Clarifies team about product decisions like priority, scope changes
? Never (ever, ever) produce estimates on behalf of scrum Team
? Works with Scrum Team to determine specific sprint commitments
? Attends daily stand-up every day

Required Skills/Experience

? Overall Experience from 7+ years
? Organizational skills
? Analytical skills
? Well-developed interpersonal skills
? Commercial awareness
? Effective Communication
? Team working skills
? Ability to motivate people
? Management and leadership skills

Client : Srijan Technologies Pvt. Ltd.