Job Description :
Job Responsibilities:
Provide technical leadership to support successful delivery of technical solutions in the biologics area
Collaborate on large system implementation with architect, infrastructure team, project manager, and vendor & business subject matter experts as needed.
Provide technical direction to stand alone & enterprise system implementations. This includes but is not limited to initial strategy and approach, implementation, validation (if applicable) end user and admin training, upgrades/changes, support after go-live, relocation, and remediation efforts.
Perform technical analysis, investigating solutions to identified business needs and opportunities, be the liaison between business department subject matter experts, various IT groups, and vendors to ensure a mutual understanding of the business need and solution technical requirements.
Ability to successfully communicate database, server, network, Operating System requirements and specifications to teams responsible for design/build.
Utilizing technical and compliance skills/experience and play a major role in the solution selection process with emphasis on cost, quality of product, regulatory issues, data integrity and compatibility with other Client systems and solution landscape. When appropriate, utilizing technical skills and experience to manage development of custom solutions in-house.
Assisting new business user groups with purchases and implementation of technology/tools new to Client. Engaging applicable IT groups to ensure appropriate infrastructure is in place as required. Engineer solutions which improve data sharing, data security, analysis, and overall data integrity.
Experience working with relational databases, servers, understanding of network protocols, Windows Firewall
Ability to troubleshoot network connectivity at the workstation level and ability to clearly communicate with router/switch level support
Coordinate in the role of IT application lead with internal departments and vendors to implement new release updates to existing software
Work with cross-functional teams to resolve technical issues.

Minimal Requirements-
Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Information Systems or equivalent.
3+ year of relevant working experience is required.
Experience with Bioreactors, Multisizers, Plate Readers (Molecular Devices M5, M5e, L, Paradigm; Envision, Cell Counters (Vi-Cell), Protein Analyzers (HPLC, UPLC, Protein Simple/cIEF, Bioanalyzers, BiaCore, Octet, mass spectrometry), Flow Cytometers (Aria, Fortessa, LSR, Attune, etc, Spectrophotometers (SoloVPE, UV), Data analysis software (Empower, FlowJo, Attune, SoftMax Pro, PLA, SAS), automation (Echo, Hamilton, Tecan, etc and Genedata platform.
Basic understanding of the drug discovery process and chemical/biological data structures is a plus.
Understanding and experience with Health Authority expectations for cGMP data integrity and compliance, electronic records and signatures, and data retention/back-up, is required.
Experience or understanding of Labware LIMS, SM-LIMS, or other compliant data management systems.
Excellent communication skills: Demonstrated experience of interacting with end user to gather requirements and business needs, and ability to perform designated tasks in a timely manner
Ability to multitask in a fast-paced research environment.
Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Highly motivated self-starter.