Job Description :
Title: Sr Application Packager
Location: Columbus, OH
Duration: 6+ months


A candidate must have a minimum of ten years of experience in application packaging / application development roles. The candidate must have served as an escalation point / lead in previous application packaging roles supporting junior packagers.
Advanced Microsoft App-V 5x sequencing skills
Advanced App-V 5x connection group experience
Advanced App-V 5x run virtual experience
Advanced App-V 5x experience packaging office add-ins
Advanced App-V 5x experience packaging large (>2GB) applications
Advanced App-V 5x packaging experience with virtual and physical application working together successfully
Advanced App-V 5x experience using Deployment and User config XML files to run system and user level scripts
Experience creating hybrid App-V 5x packages in support of physical driver installs
App-V 5x experience in stateful / stateless environments and physical/virtual desktops
Proven, in-depth knowledge of Microsoft App-V 5x package troubleshooting and issue resolution
Advanced MSI packaging and scripting
Advanced Procmon skills to discover root cause issues
Effective communication with developer community to explain application virtualization, limitations, work arounds, and best practices.