Job Description :
Job Description:
· A Digital Solutions Engineer (SE) is responsible for managing the lifecycle of the systems that are required for the Digital portfolio.

· This includes, but will not be exclusive to, designing, sizing, and provisioning through to decommissioning.

· The Solution Engineer (SE) will work with internal and external partners to deliver systems that are robust, scalable, secure and appropriate to Digital’s needs.

· Responsibilities are not solely focused at the micro level of each component, but span across the entire system platform, including the interoperability with other systems and platforms.

· Ultimately, the success of the Digital’s system platform will depend upon the implementation of Architecture’s vision, and that implementation is the key responsibility of the Solutions Engineer.

Job Tasks expected:
· Analyze current system capabilities and gaps.

· Promote good system design within Digital.

· Establish and measure platform support activities.

· Deliver long lasting system designs that meet the architectural standards of the firm.

· Work across towers to streamline interactions.

· Pro-active communications.

Skills required:
· Looking for min. 5+ yr. experience in IT, with preference to infrastructure with track record of design, delivery and execution.

· System design and architecture.

· System testing & engineering.

· System capacity and monitoring.

· Technical Project management and coordination.

· Application Development and Product Lifecycle knowledge.

· Problem solving, both operationally and project-orientated.

· Good verbal and written communications skills.

· Familiarity with Infrastructure products and services including, but not limited to.

· Apache and Apache Tomcat.

· IHS and WebSphere.

· Linux.

· AIX.

· Windows.

· IIS.

· VMWare.

· Virtualization.

· Cloud Technologies.

· Firewalls.

· Networking.

· MS SQL Server.

· IBM DB2.

· Oracle.

· Global and local load-balancing.

· Web sites and connectivity.

· Cyber Security / Risk.

· Encryption (in transit / at rest

· High Availability.

· Storage Technology (SAN / NAS