Job Description :
Essential Responsibilities
1. Work alongside appropriate staff, teams, stakeholders and other points of contact (POCs) as required, to understand the goals and objectives of complex information systems
2. Participate in design level discussions to provide recommendations on document and artifact deliverables based upon administrative, technical and management aspects of the agency IT transformation initiative, including realization of the Medicaid Enterprise System (MES) and constituent components
3. Work with technical staff and business stakeholders to create deliverables and artifacts that are intended for audiences of varying levels of technical knowledge
4. Organize and write supporting technical and project documents as needed
5. Revise documents as changes or modifications to information systems and services occur
6. Organize and maintain a document repository of all documents and artifacts

General Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Assist (and often lead) in the design, development, implementation and/or ongoing maturation of SCDHHS Audit and Assessment artifacts
2. Participate in audit and assessment of internal agency systems as well as business partner/service provider information systems
3. Participate in third-party audits and/or assessments of agency and business partner systems
4. Utilize Microsoft Office software suite, eGRC system, Bizagi, Atlassian and other products to document and report on information gathered during Audit and Assessment activities or other OIA efforts
5. Collaborate with agency leadership, business partners and other

Program Experience:
Current experience with South Carolina Medicaid, Social Services, or similar public benefit programs is strongly desired and will be given the highest weight. Experience must include well documented success in the performance of security focused processes and procedures supportive of a secure, compliant enterprise architecture.
Experience with development and management of Risk Management Framework tasks and artifacts, as related to the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is ideal.
Experience with multi-tenant environments, cloud services and vendor interface management would be considered desirable for this position.
Technical Knowledge:
Experience with documentation and artifacts related to any or all the following technologies would be considered a desirable for this position:
Medicaid Management Information Systems (or other Health Information Technologies)
Databases (Relational and Non-Relational)
IBM System 390/zSeries
Linux and Windows servers
Network Design and System Architecture
RSA Archer
Service-Oriented Architecture