Job Description :
Job Title : - Software Engineer - Multimedia Display

Job Overview :- Seeking experienced Software Engineers with Multimedia Display experience to work on Snapdragon based IoT Media Devices. Candidates will design, implement, integrate, unit test Multimedia Display Software in Linux/Android environment. Candidates should be capable of working independently and be able to deliver results on schedule. Candidate should have prior work experience in one of the following: HDMI, DSI driver, Android Display framework experience. Strong C/C++ experience required. Must have at least 5-8 years of Display pipeline and MM framework experience.

Minimum Qualification :- Strong expertise in one or more of the technologies listed: HDMI, DSI driver, Android Display framework experience. Strong C/C++ development experience required. Working experience with Linux Kernel and Android is needed. Must have at least 5-8 years of Display pipeline and MM framework experience.

Preferred Qualification :- Master's degree is preferred

Education :- Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering/Computer Science/Electrical Engineering or Equivalent with 5-10 years of experience is required. Master's degree preferred.

About Global Edge:

GlobalEdge is an embedded software solutions and services company focused on Wireless, Telecom, Networking and Automotive Technologies. Since inception in 2000, GlobalEdge has been a leader in delivering solutions and services for set top boxes, residential gateways, wireless and multimedia devices to customers world-wide. GlobalEdge's customers list includes leading Semiconductor vendors, CPE device manufacturers, Consumer Electronics companies and Communication OEMs.

GlobalEdge's portfolio includes standalone IP components, various protocol implementations as well as production-ready solutions for OEMs. GlobalEdge solutions are developed to compliment customer's capabilities and to accelerate time-to-market, leveraging field-validated standard software components and custom development services.

GlobalEdge, coupled with its IPs, provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth solutions and services in the short range communications domain and offers PacketCable 1.x/2.0, VoIP (SIP / IMS / NCS / MGCP) for CPE devices on Cable and Wired & Wireless IP Networks. Specialized testing services are also provided under all the technologies that are in our in our focus areas.

The domain knowledge is complemented by wide ranging experience with several Embedded Processors, Platforms and Real Time Operating Systems. GlobalEdge's uncompromised perseverance and authority in these domains enable development of highly optimized solutions that bring great value-add to our customers and provide a leading edge in their products in the field.

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