Job Description :
The ideal candidate for our team is a:
- a Java and expert
- an AWS expert – focus will be on ECS/EC2/EBS/EFS/RDS/S3 and using the AWS API and CFT for creating/maintaining infrastructure
- a Docker expert
- has a lot of experience with custom and vendor apps running on AWS – meaning has coded (app and infrastructure)/deployed/run them on AWS
- is a fast learner, team player but can also work independently when needed but keep team informed of actions/approach

Notes from intake call with Hiring Manager:
5 years of experience but would consider someone with less if they had the experience
To the hiring manager its more important about what the candidate can do and that they work hard
This team does hardcore technology work
Interview by phone first then in person with the entire team
Will work first two weeks 5 days in the office; thereafter split the week in the office and remotely
The 2 roles are contract but may have the opportunity to go contract to hire; no guarantees
Prefers someone from the Boston area; if relocating its on the candidate for costs