Job Description :
Role: Software Design Engineer 3

Duration: Long Term

Location: Redmond, WA

Skills Required: C# (or Java) or C++, AAA gaming experience, Extensive scripting

Job Description:

3-5 years of experience developing in C# (or Java) or C++
Excellent knowledge of C++ and C# (or Java) compilation and linking processes
Basic knowledge of 3D art pipelines and rendering systems
Working knowledge of distributed architectures and associated parallel algorithms
Working knowledge of at least one build system language, MS Build (Perferred), NMake, Make, Ant, etc
Need to have service cloud design or game design experience
AAA Game Development experience on a shipped title
Working knowledge of scripting languages, preferably including PowerShell
Azure cloud systems knowledge
Experience building High availability, scalable services
Interest in data center buildout and/or operations
Triple AAA gaming experience.
C++ distributing
Extensive scripting knowledge

Must Skills:

C#/Java (Both length of experience and gaming experience is wanted)
Proven capability to communicate/collaborate (Examples of partnering with larger groups of people to complete a project/solve a problem)
A comprehensive understanding of game engines, art content, rendering gaming content
experience in Java script, Angular JS or React JS is preferred