Job Description :
Snaplogic ETL Consultant


o Design Snaplogic ETL processes (Snaps) based on requirements for the data warehouse, business intelligence solutions and data integrations.

o Transformation, and loading of fact tables, data cleansing, updating the data.

o Monitor, troubleshoot and fix Snaplogic ETL processes and near real-time data interfaces.

o Process improvement: strive to improve Snaplogic ETL processes and development standards.


o 3+ years of experience with the Snaplogic data integration platform

o Strong understanding of application and ETL / data integration concepts

o Ability to independently create testable, efficient solutions

o Attention to Detail: Databases are complex, and a minute error can cause huge problems

o Problem-Solving Skills: Data Engineers look at an issue that needs to be solved and come up with solutions quickly.

o Ability to take initiative and drive things on their own.