Job Description :
new position 05/15 - SOH_SDA_620

Client: State of OH - Direct

Rate: $70/hr on C2C

Job Title: Sitecore Developer/Admin

Location: Columbus, OH

Duration: 2+ Months

Position Type: Contract

Interview Type: Face-to-Face, Skype, and Phone are acceptable

Required Skills:

· Bachelor’s degree or higher, or equivalent technical degree with advanced study.

· 3 or more years' experience designing, developing, deploying, and managing Sitecore-based software solutions.

· 3 to 5 years' web development programming experience in the following areas:

· Microsoft CNet/Razor




· Bootstrap

· JavaScript


Desired Skills:

· Experience designing, developing, deploying, and managing Sitecore-based software solutions with Sitecore Version 8.X.

· Experience using Sitecore’s system administrator tools to manage/monitor system perform, troubleshooting, and maintenance tasks.

· Recent, relevant experience with the following tools and platforms:

o Microsoft IIS

o Microsoft SQL Server database platform

o SOLR search platform

o MongoDB platform

o Microsoft Visual Studio/TFS (source code control)

o Web analytics

o Performance monitoring

· Technical certifications a plus, Sitecore certification and Microsoft certifications desired.

Job Description:

Project Background: The Ohio Department of Transportation's Office of Communications is in the process of implementing a fully redesigned version of its public-facing website, built on the Sitecore 8.1 platform. The new website incorporates highly-customized components and functionality developed by a third-party vendor to produce a user experience that uniquely supports ODOT's vision for a modern, responsive website serving many distinct audiences of the traveling public. The new website is still under development, with an estimated "soft launch" planned for Spring/Summer 2018. ODOT is seeking an experienced Sitecore administrator/develop resource to join ODOT's Website Redesign project team to help ODOT complete remaining tasks and successfully implement the new website.

Position Description: ODOT is seeking a candidate to provide system administration and custom development support for ODOT's Sitecore system. The candidate's tasks and duties will be directed by ODOT's Office of Communications and ODOT's Division of IT, and will entail (at a minimum) the following:

· Work closely with ODOT's Office of Communications to fully understand project vision and goals, timelines, and team member expectations.

· Work closely with ODOT's Division of IT to understand guidelines and policies governing ODOT's maintenance and support of enterprise systems.

· Ensure Sitecore operability and stability for three hosted environments: Dev, Test, and Production. Note: The environments themselves are managed/maintained by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Office of Information Technology (OIT The candidate will be expected to work/coordinate with the OIT team for certain types of administrative tasks, such as server actions, database troubleshooting, performance monitoring, etc.

· Manage the ASP.Net codebase for customized Sitecore application components using Visual Studio/TFS, in accordance with Division of IT guidelines. This includes at a minimum code branch management, builds, versioning, and deployments to OIT environments.

· Manage user access and permissions to the Sitecore system in accordance with Office of Communications and Division of IT guidelines and security policies.

· Proactively identify, track, and resolve issues and risks related to system operability/stability.

· Develop custom Sitecore code as requested by the Office of Communications, and in coordination with the coding/technology policies of the Division of IT.

· Provide status of work and deliverables estimates to Team Lead.

· Able to working as part of an interdisciplinary team and individually, with an ability to manage time, work under pressure of tight deadlines, and meet assigned deadlines.