Job Description :
Position: Servicenow Developer with SecOps (Security Operations) and Vulnerability
Location: Plano, TX
Duration: 3 – 6 Months with Possible extensions

Software Delivery: Software Development performed by the Supplier will design, develop, test, and implement changes in ServiceNow to meet the requirements from client
Design and Documentation. Based on requirements provided by client staff, and design reviews with client staff, Supplier will create and provide a design for changes to ServiceNow. Supplier will supply documentation of design decisions, rationale, implications, and complete source code for delivered changes. Supplier will develop:
Vulnerability Response Dashboard. Supplier will develop a dashboard in ServiceNow to display metrics and key performance indicators based on specifications provided by client. Metrics to be built and delivered by the Supplier are:

Customizable KRI Calculation
Reopened Vulnerability Statistics
Trending Data for:
Fastest, Average, and Longest time to remediation from vulnerability publication
Fasted, Average, and Longest time to remediation from first detection
Unmatched Discovered Items
Vulnerability Statistics by platform
Data Quality from Qualys Integration
Total Unmatched Discovered Items
Rate of New Unmatched Discovered Items
Rate of Reclassifying Discovered Items
Metrics Applicable to Individual Vulnerability Groups
Percentage of the Environment Affected
Rate of Remediation Over Time
Developed Changes to SecOps Implementation
Customization of Vulnerability Group Inclusion in Change Request Records
Ability to Add Multiple Vulnerability Groups to a Single Change Request
Ability to Link Vulnerability Groups to Routine Changes
Option to not populate Affected CIs and Approvals Based on Associated Vulnerable Items
Improvements to Qualys Integration Job and Transformation Map
Cleanup Job for Hosts Removed from Qualys
Disable Default Vulnerability Calculator Groups
Replicate Current Reports in ServiceNow Dashboard