Job Description :
Service Reliability Operator (SRO),

Cloud Operations

As a Service Reliability Operator (SRO),
you will be focused on improving service reliability, performance and operability of Client Cloud Services.
You will have your hand on the pulse of the service and will play a key role in troubleshooting and resolving service issues.
Additionally, you will have the opportunity to create future automation and tooling that will allow us to continuously improve our service.
You role in driving improvements in availability, effort and velocity will delight our customers with and while reducing costs of Operations.


We are looking for a strong Service Reliability Operator (SRO) who will help ensure the availability of our Cloud services 24x7x365.
The SRO will have a pulse on the Client''s SaaS services at all times and be directly accountable for the troubleshooting and resolution of service issues while continuously working with engineering partners to improve telemetry and automation.
Your goal is to improve availability by reducing time to mitigate, ensure we are measuring the right things, and automating tasks that impact development velocity, availability or productivity.

You will leverage excellence in communication, technical/business analysis, problem solving and attention to detail to methodically resolve issues.
Technically, you will understand the full stack of the services you support (Network to Application) and are able to dig deep into the service to determine how to best mitigate customer impact.
Further, you will drive improvements through the development of tools and engage partner teams to drive down incident counts, reduce severity of events and minimize Time to Mitigate.
You will help create a "Site Up” culture across all Client Cloud teams.
We will look to the SRO to continually review and enhance systems, methods and applications to enable the delivery of a positive customer experience to highly acclaimed hosted products such as Client Service Cloud, Client CRM and more.

As a member of the Client Cloud Operations team, you will be surrounded by "willing to help” individuals representing some of the brightest and most innovative minds in the industry.
You will be a part of an organization that prides itself on providing training, empowerment, and career progression.


Perform proactive service checks and monitor/triage incoming system/application alerts, E-mails and phone calls to ensure appropriate priority and response.

Triage and troubleshoot service impacting events from multiple signals including phone, E-mail, service telemetry and alerting.

Communicate with professionalism and precision to internal and external customers during high priority situations.

Identify and work with engineering to implement opportunities for automation, signal noise reduction, recurring issues and other actions to reduce time to mitigate service impacting events and increase the productivity of cloud operations and development resources.
Manage the coordination, documentation and tracking of critical incidents ensuring rapid and complete issue resolution and appropriate closed loop to customers and other key stakeholders.

Work upstream with Service Operations and Development to develop and maintain standard operator procedures and troubleshooting guides that improve time to mitigate.

Participate in project delivery aimed at increasing capabilities around monitoring, notification, configuration and deployment of servers and applications within the Client Cloud Platform.

Client : Direct Client